Our Story

Authentic CheeseSteaks and More!

It's All Started With 2 Friends

The Freshworks was started in 1996 by 2 lifelong friends with a history of working in area sandwich shops who had a goal of bringing the best sandwich they could to their flagship Northeast Philadelphia location. Where does every sandwich start but with the bread. They just wanted something unique, something different than all the other neighborhood shops offered, something “fresh”…..little did they know that this thought on bread alone would lead to a whole concept that would become The Freshworks. What started with a fresh roll became a way of life at the Freshworks.

Baked Fresh Daily

 Our bread is baked fresh, all day, every day on the premises of each location. We continue our fresh concept by using the freshest meats and produce sliced fresh every day and topped with the freshest, Grade A condiments. We continued this by making as many of the ingredients for our award winning sandwiches including our one of a kind homemade roast beef, homemade roast pork, homemade tuna, homemade chicken salad etc. This continues onto our freshly sautéed spinach, broccoli rabe and long hots and Grade A Angus Burgers. Our original concept continues to grow today as we are looking for ever expanding ways to bring our customers the freshest ingredients that make up our one of a kind sandwich. remember…when you want the best, Get Fresh!!

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