Tailgate Time Means Fresh Works Time

Jalen and the gang are back in the thick of another NFL playoff run and that means one thing: tailgate season is here. With a fresh Eagles season upon us, you have a lot of decisions to make. Which Eagles jersey are you going to wear? How many beer coolers are you going to pack? What entertainment are you going to bring to the tailgate? Who is going to be the designated driver this week? On top of all that, you also need to figure out what the food spread is going to look like. Don’t be like all those idiots that call the Cowboys their team, make sure you do this right. Because tailgate time means Fresh Works time.  

Whether you’re heading to the next Eagles game solo, or you are hosting a humongous group or people you are not even sure you know, let Fresh Works Woodhaven take care of the eats. Our catering menu can handle any size tailgate. Assemble your own best combo of cheesesteak trays and hoagie trays, fried app trays and wrap trays, chicken wings trays and meatball trays to make sure all your friends are full before gametime.  

If it was our choice, we would grab enough hoagie and cheesesteak trays to feed the whole group. They are the perfect start to every catering order. Then you can get fancy. Add a fried app tray so people can pick at some mozzarella sticks and broccoli bites. Add a wrap tray for anyone looking to save space for more adult beverages. Whatever you want! Then top the whole thing off with enough sides for everyone and a cookie tray so you have all your bases covered. But that’s just us. 

Whatever you decide to go with, make sure you get your orders in to Fresh Works Woodhaven at least a day or two before the game. Orders tend to stack up and we want to make sure everyone is able to enjoy our fresh baked breads and high-quality food before heading in to watch the Birds dominate.  

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