How to Cater the Ultimate Party for the Big Game

How to Cater the Ultimate Party for the Big Game

If you’re charged with hosting duties on the night of the largest sporting event in the nation, you may be panicking trying to make sure everything is perfect. The Big Game is only a few weeks away, and if you’re still looking for last-minute recipes to finalize your menu, we have them for you right here. As local Philadelphia caterers, we promise your guests will love the following suggestions. 

Gorge on Appetizers 

This weekend isn’t about slaving away in the kitchen. It’s about unleashing your inner football fanatic and cheering along your team! That being said, you still have to be a good host and feed your guests. That’s why appetizers are the perfect idea. Some of our favorites are the classic spinach artichoke dip, chicken chile nachos, spring rolls, shrimp cocktail, pigs in a blanket, and cheesy garlic breadsticks. They’re super easy to make, relatively inexpensive, and everyone will love them. Just make sure you load up so everyone can enjoy seconds and thirds. 

Make it a Pizza Party

The best part about hosting on Big Game Sunday is getting to see everyone, young and old, come together. However, when you have such a diverse set of taste buds to feed, it can be hard to find something that will please everyone. Luckily, pizza is almost everyone’s comfort food. From basic goodness, like cheese and pepperoni, to creative recipes, such as white spinach pie, you can order a variety of pizzas with different toppings that the whole group can enjoy. 

Everyone Loves Fried Food

If there is such a thing as traditional food for the Big Game, it would be everything fried. Deep-fried chicken wings, chicken parm sliders, and honey barbecue chicken thighs are must-haves at every party. We bet just thinking about it is making your mouth water. This year try some new recipes, like fried pickles, mac and cheese balls, and cheesy jalapeno poppers. Your party will love the variety. 

Don’t Forget the Dessert

Once your savory cooking is demolished (for being unbelievably delicious), your guests will want to satisfy their sweet tooth with dessert. Well, this is the easy part. Order from your local bakery or make it the night before to have it ready for the game. We recommend brownie bites or chocolate-chip cookies (shaped like footballs, of course) as your classic dessert option.

We wish you the best of luck hosting this year’s party. However, you can always call us if you need private catering so that you can sit back and relax with the game on. Learn more about our services and menu options by browsing our site!

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